Let us explore the hotels near Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar. This year, Qatar prepares to officially host the biggest sporting event in its history. All eyes are on the Gulf country as the FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar. This tournament is a huge global festival that accounts for the largest spectators in the history of sports entertainment. Ever since Qatar won the bid for hosting the 2022 world cup they have been working tirelessly to transform and upgrade major cities and stadiums into world cup worthy places and venues respectively.

The Khalifa International Stadium
The Khalifa International Stadium in Doha stands as a testament to the persistence of the nation. Qatar has taken one particular thing under consideration while they prepare to host this year’s FIFA world cup. They have integrated their culture and history along with the design and construction of their stadiums. Each venue tells a story of its historical significance and cultural background. What makes the Khalifa stadium in Doha the most prestigious is its reputation and glorified history of hosting major domestic and international sporting events in the country. It is one of the hotels best near Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar

Located in the important city of Al Rayyan, the city was inaugurated in 1976. The stadium stands as the symbol of the sporting culture of Qatar. This year particularly on the occasion of the prestigious world cup, the stadium will have the honor to host important matches. Six group stage matches featuring the countries who are top contenders for the cup title will battle it out to emerge victorious in this glorious stadium.

At the same time round of 16 marches will also take place along with the third-place match. As a result, the city of Doha, specifically the area surrounding the stadium will encounter a huge influx of spectators for the upcoming world cup. As a result, people are flocking online to search for the closest hotels near the Khalifa International Stadium.

Let us explore some of the popular and closest hotels near the Khalifa International Stadium.

The Torch Doha

The design of this hotel’s building is quite interesting. The architectural design resembles that of a torch and hence, it got its name. This hotel is highly rated by guests due to the ambience and the service design. At the same time, it is situated only 200 meters away which is a huge convenience for spectators who would book the rooms for the upcoming matches in the World Cup. It is one of the hotels best near Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar

Services offered

This hotel has a huge signature swimming pool which is temperature-controlled. At the same time, it has a kids section where the children can have their own fun time in the pool with safety and supervision and it is an infinity swimming pool. The uniqueness of this hotel is the exceptional way it caters to the customers. For example, the revolving restaurant is an interesting attraction at this hotel that resonates with tourists or visitors who are positively triggered by excitement and something exceptional.

Another attraction is the breakfast at the Flying Carpet restaurants where the decoration and ambience of the restaurant are one of a kind. The breakfast here is a buffet system. There is a small bar adjacent to the premises and a recreation centre. For tourists who want to take a souvenir for themselves and do some shopping, they can easily have that as the Torch Doha is connected to one of the biggest shopping malls in the city, Villaggio by a walkway. All these services make this hotel one of the hotels best near Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar.

Additional facilities

Additional facilities include free parking. At the same time, valet parking is also available along with specialized private parking. The bed mattresses are imported from another country to ensure a comfortable and nice sleep. The hotel provides an airport shuttle service and free WiFi all over the premises. There is a service charge-free tea/coffee maker in all rooms. The facilities for currency exchange service are available in The Torch Doha.

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel

Guests rate it 4.2 out of 5 which is very good. Amenities include
A temperature-controlled swimming pool. Free Wi-Fi for all rooms and lobby. Both Valet and self-help parking facilities are present. State-of-the-art air conditioning. A spa for self-treatment. It is very near the Aspire Park and Villagio Mall. Only a few kilometres from the stadium. It provides a 24-hour vacancy between guest room stays. Guests label it one of the hotels best near Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar.

InterContinental Doha Beach & Spa

There are 375 verified Hotels.com guest reviews and the average rating on Trip Advisor is 4.5 out of 5. It offers free parking, a temperature-controlled led pool and spa, and specialized beach properties. Air conditioning and connecting rooms are available.

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