Top 10 Smart Curved TVs for an Immersive Viewing Experience

In the dynamic world of home entertainment, curved TVs have carved a niche for themselves, offering a uniquely immersive viewing experience. With their curved screens that emulate the curvature of the human eye, these TVs provide enhanced depth, minimized glare, and a wider field of view. If you’re on the hunt for a curved TV that combines smart functionality with spectacular display quality, this guide is for you. Here, we explore the top 10 smart curved TVs that promise to transform your viewing experience.

What is Curve?

Curved TVs feature a gentle, concave bend on the screen, mimicking the natural curvature of the human eye. This design enhances the viewer’s experience by providing a more immersive visual field, wider field of view, and uniform viewing distance.

Curved TVs offer aesthetic appeal and depth in larger sizes, enhancing color, contrast, and clarity. However, their effectiveness depends on the TV size and viewing environment, as brightly lit rooms may introduce reflections. Despite these limitations, curved TVs remain a popular choice for cinema-like home entertainment.

10 Best Smart Curved TVs And Model

The top 10 smart curved TVs blend immersive viewing experiences with advanced smart technology. Leading the pack, Samsung’s Q8C and NU8500 stand out with their vibrant QLED displays and intuitive smart features. LG’s C1 OLED impresses with exceptional color accuracy and subtle curvature, perfect for gaming and movies. Sony’s Bravia KD-65S8505C and TCL’s 65″ P-Series offer stunning visuals and robust smart platforms, Android TV and Roku TV, respectively. Philips 9000 distinguishes itself with unique Ambilight technology. Meanwhile, Panasonic’s Viera CR850 and LG’s 55EC9300 deliver superior 4K resolution with user-friendly smart interfaces, making each model a top contender for enhancing home entertainment.

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1. Samsung Q8C Curved QLED 4K TV: Samsung leads the pack with its Q8C model, boasting Quantum Dot technology that elevates the brightness and colour spectrum. The intuitive Tizen OS provides a seamless smart TV experience, allowing easy access to popular streaming services.

Smart Curved Tvs
Smart Curved TVs

2. LG Curved OLED 4K Smart TV: The LG Curved OLED 4K Smart TV, 65″ Class, offers an exceptional viewing experience with its immersive curved display and superior OLED technology, ensuring perfect blacks and vibrant colors. This smart TV features 4K resolution for breathtaking clarity and smart functionality for easy access to streaming services, all within a sleek design that enhances any living space.

Lg Curved Oled 4K Smart Tv
LG Curved OLED 4K Smart TV

3. Samsung RU7300: Another gem from Samsung, the RU7300 model features a modest curve and 4K UHD resolution, ensuring crystal-clear visuals. It’s equipped with Samsung’s Smart Hub, offering a user-friendly interface and access to a plethora of apps.

Samsung Ru7300
Samsung RU7300

4. Sony Bravia KD-65S8505C: Sony’s Bravia KD-65S8505C combines a gentle curve with stunning 4K clarity. Powered by Android TV, it offers customization and flexibility, with access to Google Play’s extensive app library.

5. Samsung NU8500: The NU8500 is well-known for its deep curvature and HDR10+ support, which enhances the dynamic range of visuals. Its SmartThings app integration also allows it to serve as a hub for smart home devices.

6. TCL 65″ Class P-Series: TCL’s P-Series offers a budget-friendly curved TV option without compromising on features like 4K resolution and HDR support. It runs on the Roku TV platform, known for its vast streaming capabilities and intuitive interface.

7. Samsung Q7C QLED: The Q7C features Samsung’s proprietary QLED technology, providing brilliant colours and deep contrasts. With Samsung’s Tizen operating system, the Q7C is as smart as it is beautiful, sporting features like voice control and personalized recommendations.

8. Philips 9000 Series: Philips’ 9000 series stands out with Ambilight technology, which extends the viewing experience beyond the screen by projecting light from the sides of the TV onto the surrounding walls. Its Saphi smart TV platform ensures smooth navigation.

9. LG 55EC9300 OLED: LG’s 55EC9300 model combines OLED technology with a curved design for superior contrast and viewing angles. It features LG’s webOS, heralded for its simplicity and extensive app ecosystem.

10. Panasonic Viera CR850: Panasonic’s Viera CR850 rounds out our list with its striking curve and 4K PRO picture quality. It features Firefox OS for smart functionality, including easy content streaming and web browsing.


Whether you’re looking for the ultimate gaming experience, a cinematic feel, or simply a stylish addition to your living room, one of these top 10 smart curved TVs is sure to meet your needs. With cutting-edge technology and smart features, these models stand out in the market, providing unparalleled depth and realism to your favourite shows and movies.

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